Clients comment

It helps to work only for splendid people. Private Biographer is happy to put you in touch with someone who's done something like what you hope to do with your untapped photos and documents.
Here are some samples:

"You caught the essence of my husband through the many standpoints of the letters which came in after his death. It was sweet because, since he was ill for awhile, his grandchildren would not otherwise have had a fair image of the lively, philanthropic guy he was."

- Mary B. McG., Virginia

"My granddaughters were thrilled to see the first twenty-two years of their Mom's short life before MS stole her. Thanks especially for tracking down her college roommate and patiently drawing her out. Also, for scanning Carol's signature bathrobe in color as a frame for that black-and-white photo of her wearing it. I'm sure you now know my daughter better than I did, especially the themes you extracted from her childhood which blossomed in her career choice."

- Dorothy C., Illinois

"I would crawl across Florida to see those photos you and my Mom unearthed of Dad welcoming William F. Buckley."

- Mike S., Florida

"I hesitantly lent my urban filmmaker grandson a very early draft of my book on family history and business principles – his request. He kept it overnight, had to leave in a hurry, but said, 'This book has changed my life. I never knew.' We later added fifty more photos and endured the occasional frustrations of sequencing them with the text and other elements. The result has pleased hundreds of people, including employees past and present. You are a low-ego collaborator who diplomatically coached us to a better-balanced book. This is the way to liberate those shoeboxes of snapshots, speeches, videos."

- Jean B., Connecticut

"The material you gathered for the book on our son was a big help when his classmates nominated him to his high school's Hall of Fame thirty-nine years after his death in college. The book certainly is a slice of life in the 1950s and 60s, and will thrill its dozens of contributors when they receive it. Of course, my grandsons will now know the terrific uncle they never met."

-Mary I., Illinois

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the touching chronicle of my wife's young life. The girls and I read it thoughtfully, with both laughter and tears. She is everywhere, and she was a remarkable woman. I am grateful for the integral role you played in creating this treasure for my family."

-Tony W., Ohio

"Can't thank you enough for this treasure book. I pored over every picture and word for several hours. You really did a beautiful thing for family and friends by compiling this and sending it out. I am sending it to my brothers with the understanding that they are to return it to me. While they didn't know Walter, I think they will find him and his joyous presence so alive in these pages, and will be touched by the manhood of his example."

-Pilar G., New York

"To preserve the impact a person had on his compatriots, friends and family with such order and ease-of-reading is a wonderful way to keep his outstanding qualities alive in the experience of those who knew and loved him. Private Biographer has done this in spades for my husband, and it's an unending source of joy."

- Jacklyn B., California

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